Toni Risse Testimonial
Age 81

*”I’ve been working with Kim since October of 2011. All of the exercising I had done on my own in the past has improved by almost 100% and I thank her for it. I have lost a dress size which is big for me as I’m 81 years old and things don’t work like they used to! Her workouts are challenging and we have a lot of fun. My cardiovascular endurance and overall strength has greatly improved which allows me to do things a lot of others my age are not as fortunate to do. She is a great person and is very considerate but doesn’t give in, especially when I’m ready to! I sure would recommend Kim to those of any age to help them reach their goals, educate them about fitness/nutrition and to have a little fun while exercising. She is an awesome trainer as well as a great person and friend.”

Mike Corder Testimonial
Age 65
*”Kim has helped me to recover from knee surgery on both knees and to be fit enough to keep from injuring them again. At my age (65) that is a wonderful thing! She always keep things varied enough that working out is never boring.”

Roosevelt Glenn Testimonial
Age 41
*”I was looking to get back into the gym after recovering from an injury. I was very fortunate to have found Kim Snow. Excellent trainer. She leads by example and cares for her clients. Each workout routine is tailored to meet her clients goals. Best of all, not one workout to date has been the same, and the results are much appreciated. With each workout varying that guarantees you will eat healthier to be prepared for the challenge. She is very knowledgeable. For example if there is an exercise you cannot perform, she has other options to target each muscle group. My results since training with her have surpassed my expectations and she keeps me on track and motivated to reach my goal, by pushing me past my limits each training session. I am now down 20 lbs and have my goal of 20 more pounds by end of the year (2014). Make the time to commit to your fitness!… having her as your trainer will be a great investment.”

Alex Zaremba 
Age 19
*”Working with Kim has been one of the greatest choices I made throughout my weight loss journey. With her help, I have managed to lose over 150 pounds and counting. Kim is an awesome motivator, creative in our workouts, and always keeps you guessing. Working with Kim I have accomplished things I never thought I would be capable of (I’m currently training for my first triathlon).With Kim Snow, you don’t just have a client to trainer relationship, but really more of a friendship. She is attentive, always customizes each workout, and helps you find and then build the strength you have within yourself. I owe a lot of gratitude to Kim, and if you’re looking for results with a trainer who doesn’t make you feel like just another number, go to Kim Snow.”

Julie Ann Cisko
*”I have been working with Kim since October of 2012. Kim knew I suffered from Fibromyalgia when I scheduled my first session with her. I was so impressed when I arrived for our first session as she had a nice package that included great stretch exercises for fibro sufferers. That sealed the deal for me! Kim always asks how I feel when we start my training session and we proceed accordingly. Kim has been very instrumental, displaying a great deal of positive reinforcement, in my competing in half marathons and I also give her some of the credit for continually setting new PR’s! I would definitely recommend Kim as a personal trainer. She is extremely professional, is very knowledgeable and I am glad to have found her!”

Jason Tompkins
*”I’ve been training with Kim now since October of 2012. Aside from being a great person, there is something else this Kim Snow lady offers…A seemingly never ending array of new and creative body movements that cause an unending amount of sweat to not drip, but stream out of everywhere. And just when you think you’ve done your last rep, she reminds you of how “fun” this is and your hamstrings, biceps, abs, quads, lungs, etc. seem to realize that quitting isn’t an option. So for those guys out there that don’t think a female trainer can whoop you into shape…YOU’RE WRONG! Thanks to Kim, I’m gaining muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, dropping body fat and feeling great knowing I am accomplishing things I didn’t think I could, with Kim’s help. All jokes aside, Kim is a great trainer in all aspects and I would certainly recommend her to anyone!”

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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